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I occasionally speak at companies and organisations on topics related to my research.

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In peacetime, I am available for speaking engagements all over the world. I travel to various places and speak at companies, organisations, and private events, delivering keynotes and workshops.

If you are interested in booking me to speak at your event, please fill out the form on the Contact page.

Talks on Mental Skills

I spend a lot of my time speaking on how to understand and train our mind. In essence, I teach the audience how to build mental skills to promote wellbeing and performance.​

Mental skills, or psychological skills, are skills that enable you to understand yourself and manage your mind. Staying focused (mindful), managing your thoughts, regulating emotions, sustaining motivation, building habits are all examples of mental skills.

By building mental skills, individuals improve their ability to self-regulate, which, in turn, helps to improve their wellbeing, performance, and relationships. So, if we spend some time working on these skills, the likelihood of our success and happiness would be much higher.

The good news is that mental skills can be learnt. Just like an athlete learns and develops physical skills (like strength, endurance, etc.), any person can do mental fitness and improve their psychological skills with guidance and practice. My goal, as a researcher, author, and educator, is to show you how.

Who is it for?


Anyone can benefit from building mental skills. It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur, an elite athlete, celebrity, political leader, soldier, college student, parent, or a child. We are all born with the mind. Therefore, we all need knowledge and skills that would allow us to understand and  manage our inner world effectively, if we want to be successful in life.

We all need to know how to regulate our emotions, how to cope with negative self-talk, how to overcome past disappointments, how to set and achieve our goals, or how to boost the sense of happiness.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in booking me to speak, please fill in the form on the Contact page.

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