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In addition to writing, I am also very interested in building tech products that could help us live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

About Brightway

Brightway is a journal, diary, and powerful self-care app. It is designed to help you keep a record of your life and grow along the way. 


Brightway is a journal that actively uses mental health research to help people improve their mental well-being.

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The perfect partner for your personal growth
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Available on Google Play and App Store


The Story of Creation


I always like to say that Brightway was proudly developed in Ukraine during the darkest of times with the hope for a brighter future. Our small team started the project in early 2022 and then continued the development during the whole period of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

While in the military, I kept designing the product in my free time. Meanwhile, the guys kept doing great work on coding and UI.  

Sometimes it felt like having a life ring. I could get distracted a bit, not think about the war, and have a chat with my friends. Importantly, I liked the fact that we were still creating stuff, despite the circumstances. We were building a product that could potentially serve lots of people around the world, while someone else wanted to destroy us. Bombs fell on our heads from time to time. But we didn't care. We focused on our bright way.


Want to Contribute?


Whether it is writing a book or creating an app, I always strive to create a product that would bring the most value to people. And you can help a lot in this process.

  • Join the Community

As a first step, you can join our small Brightway community on Instagram. I'd love to unite people with similar values and passion for personal development to create a positive change together.  ​

  • Get Membership

You can try our App Subscription to get access to all premium features and support Brightway development. We'd be very grateful.

Learn more


Visit the Brightway website to learn more about the app and its features.

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