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Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. Below, you can find different ways you can reach out to me depending on your needs.


To enquire about Vlad speaking at your event or organisation, please fill out the form below. Please include the following information: your name, your business, location, dates, topic, and ideal length of presentation.

Media & Press

For interviews, publicity events, or appearance on TV or podcast, please fill out the form below. Please include some background about your organisation, deadlines, and topic. If you’d like Vlad’s bio, photos, or book jackets, please visit his Press Kit page.

Literary enquiries

If you'd like to translate one of Vlad's books, please contact Rachel Mills, Vlad's literary agent.

Reader mail

I always love to hear from my readers, Brightway app users, and anyone who shares my passion for personal development. You can use the form below or DM me on Instagram to get in touch, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, however, that I am not able to provide therapeutic advice over email.


If you are in a position to support my writing, app development, or just would like to make my day a little bit brighter, you can check out my Buy me a coffee page. I would be immensely grateful.

Contact Form

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