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The Pyramid Mind

The six-part programme for confidence, happiness and success


The Pyramid Mind introduces a ground-breaking mind model consisting of six interconnected parts. Each of these contributes to who we are and affects our mental well-being, physical health, relationships and daily performance but we need to know how to adjust all six areas of the mind to achieve true well-being and optimal functioning.

Mind roadmap


There is some unspoken requirement that we all should have ‘productive’, ‘strong’, and ‘healthy’ personalities to succeed in our career, social interactions, and life overall. Yet, how to work with our mind to become ‘productive’, ‘resilient’, and ‘healthy’ is not something that we learn in schools or universities, from our parents or friends – yet we beat ourselves up for somehow not innately knowing how to be.

I’ve always felt that life would be much easier if it came with some kind of a mind instruction manual. The mind determines everything we do, how we think, and how we feel from the moment we are born, but most people have practically no idea of how it works and how to manage it.

It is like driving a car – without lessons we don’t know how to operate the controls and how to respond to the actions of others safely, without a car manual we don’t know what the dashboard lights mean, and we know, that sometimes, however safe and competent we are, through no fault of our own, we’ll have to call out the RAC.

What if there is a model of our mind which we can learn, and which in doing so will greatly ease our path through the road network of life?

10 Things that you will learn from the book


how your mind is organised and how it works​

how to avoid common traps people fall into when they try to manage their mind​

how to change, grow and become the person you would like to be

how to enhance your well-being, confidence, and sense of happiness

how to develop your mindfulness skills


how to manage your thoughts (e.g.  negative self-talk)

how to work with your memories (e.g. haunting memories, past disappointments)

how to regulate your emotions (e.g. strong  negative feelings)

how to work with your speech (e.g. how to create constructive stories)

how to work with your behaviour (e.g.  how to build healthy habits)

and much more...

The Pyramid Model


As a working model, I suggest considering our mind in the form of the double pyramid. The model consists of six main parts or levels that are responsible for six key mental functions: Reason, Beliefs, Memories, Emotions, Speech, and Behaviour.



Each of these six parts of the mind uniquely contributes to who you are and affects your mental well-being, physical health, relationships, and daily performance.


The model points out that there are specific rules for how to manage each of these parts of the mind effectively. Unfortunately, most people do not know these rules, and for this reason they make ‘mental mistakes’ when they try to manage themselves, which often steers them in the wrong direction and causes issues in their performance, health, and relationships.


The model suggests that it is important to adjust all six areas of your mind to achieve true well-being and optimal functioning. In other words, we should take the integrative or holistic approach to navigate our inner world.


If one of these six areas of the mind is neglected, your overall well-being and performance will be diminished.


For example, it is important to know how to challenge your negative beliefs, as they can result in anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. But it is not enough. It is equally important to know how to curb your painful memories, as they can haunt you for years and even decades, scaring and putting you down. By the same token, we should attend to other parts of our mind – emotions, rational thinking, habits, and speech.


In the meantime, if you take care of each part of the mind, this will have a huge positive impact on your mental well-being. The point is that while each part of the mind plays an independent and important role, if we attend to all six areas of our mind, we create the synergy that can radically transform our health, boost daily performance, and significantly improve the quality of our life.

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